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Safety is a top priority for all of our clientele; new construction, both commercial and residential clients, as well as, service and repair clients. To ensure your peace of mind about who is working on your jobsite, place of business or home; our employees are thoroughly trained, must pass background checks and are subject to random drug testing. It is critical that our employees be up to date on the latest O.S.H.A. safety guidelines, after all, our employees are the backbone of our company. Their health and well being are of the utmost importance to us. For this reason, we have weekly safety meetings, safety manuals for each our current new construction jobs, and adhere to the latest O.S.H.A. and Universal Plumbing Code requirements on all the work we do. You can be confident that your, your employees and our employees safety will be continually addressed by Sunstate Plumbing, Inc.

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